Details   Multifunction Machine

5 in 1  Hydro Skin Rejuvenation System YM11

1. deeper wrinkles and mild to moderate skin laxity: the amount of stripes, frown lines, crow's feet, stripes bridge of the nose, nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the mouth, neck
    wrinkles, especially on the forehead and periorbital wrinkles stripes good results.
2. to double chin.
3.RF lean muscle: muscular legs for shaping, masseter hypertrophy of the face-lift and so on.
4.stretch marks stretch marks and so on.
5.after liposuction skin firming and the like.
Working theory and function

1. Acne treatment: pussy types, furuncle, anaphylactic type, papule type, comedo type, improve oily skin, reduce acne marks and blackhead.
2. Skin care: accelerate metabolism, facial blemishes elimination, even skin tone, whitening and skin rejuvenation, facial lifting, dark circle, improve skin fatigue, dumb yellow, gray, Thoroughly clean the skin rubbish, skin oxygen filling and water injection, nutrition supplement; hydrating and whitening、wrinkle removal, skin smoothing, elasticity and youth restorage.
3. Hair growth: efficiently improve seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata, Neurological alopecia, hair care.
4. Spots treatment: superficial chloasma, Post-Inflammatory hyperpigmentation, pigmentation caused by photons, superficial spots like dark spots.
5. Special treatment: rehabilitation for laser burns, surgery scars, acne pits, skin allergy.
6. Improve antioxidant capacity; reduce facial spots like pale spots and stains.
7. Provide adequate oxygen to the skin, regulate sebum secretion, and reduce facial acne.
8. Balance dry skin and oily skin, increase cell viability, improve the skin condition.
9. Increase skin collagen cells viability, smooth fine lines, refine pores and tighten skin.
10. Damaged skin repair, reduce skin redness caused excessive microdermabrasion, laser treatment or other irritant treatment, reorganize healthy cells.
11. Improve skin absorption capacity for essence and nutrients.
Water oxygen activating effect
Hydrating and tender skin
RF Biological micro electrical
Treatment process

Water oxygen activating treatment process:
1. The beautician should clean up the client’s face before treatment for safety and better treatment effect.
2. With no discomfort during treatment; With no recovery period.
3. The treatment differs according to the client’s skin condition. In general, one treatment course includes ten times treatment, and then move into conservation course.
Actual Pictures