Negative Ion Air Purifier
Model: YM-KJ08
Filter: PP Pre Filter+HEPA+Carbon Filter+Anion Filter
Particulate CADR: 150-180M3/H
Usable Area: 50m2
Anion concentrations: 8 million
HEPA Level: H10
Working Humidity : Less than 85%
Power: 55W
Voltage: 220V
Warranty: 1 year
Electric Motor: Copper
Accessories: remote control,manual
N.W: 8.8KG
G.W: 9KG
Product Size: 350x190x640mm              
Package Size: 380*220*670mm    

Why do we need air purifiers?

(1)Remove indoor particulate matter

 Many particles our naked eye is hard to see, one of the common PM2.5 is the invisible substance, actually closed indoor space also has a lot of small particles, the performance for the obvious one is for a period of time don't clean the room will appear a lot of dust, actually this is the precipitation and air floater if long-term open air purifier can effectively against these invisible particles adsorption and interception, air in the room cleaner, can reduce the frequency to clean up the interior space.

(2) Respiratory health protection

In recent years, a sharp rise in the incidence of respiratory tract, which has a great relationship and environmental change, air quality and overall quality of interior space has also dropped, the popularity of air purifier for respiratory tract is also a great deal of security, especially for the physique weak old man and child can have very good protection effect.


A lot of people to the pollen does not care about, don't think it's going to affect their by pollen, In fact,During the pollen season,If you have a sneeze, runny nose, runny eyes, etc., it's all a symptom of pollen allergy.It's just that it's usually not so obvious that we usually ignore it.Skin allergies in children can lead to significant changes in mood and behavior, such as hyperactivity and inability to sit still while eating, irritability and fatigue.

(4)Passive smoking

In addition to the more than 3,000 polluting chemicals in secondhand smoke, smoking is also known to cause many serious illnesses, making it especially important in smoking household air purifiers.

2. Benefits of using anion air purifiers

(1) Smoke removal and dust removal: anion can quickly neutralize the air belongs to the anion of coke smoke second-hand smoke and soot.

(2) Improve the air structure: people need 13 billion anions every day, while our living rooms, offices, entertainment places and other environments
can only provide about 200 to 2 billion anions, often easy to lead to pneumonia and bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

(3) Improved lung function: after inhaling anions for 30 minutes, the lung can increase oxygen absorption by 20% and emit 14.5% more carbon dioxide.

(4) Improve cardiac function: it has the effect of reducing blood pressure obviously, and can make people excited and improve work efficiency.

(5) Promote metabolism: anion can slightly live a variety of enzymes,improve sleep quality.

(6) Enhance the disease resistance of the body: anion can improve the reactivity of the body,Enhance the body's resistance to disease.

(7) Air anion can relieve or cure allergic hay fever bronchial asthma upper respiratory tract mucositis.

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