Cellphone Sterilization Box
Main Features:

* UV Cell Phone Sanitizer - Double germicidal UV bulbs. Sanitizes your mobile phone just in 5 minutes. Ultraviolet ray sterilization can kill up to 99.9% of common household germs and bacteria, such as Escherichia col, salmonella, tritirachium album, staphylococcus aureus, etc. UV lamps will be automatically put out if the cover is opened during sterilization.

* Aromatherapy Function - Put some essential oil into the aromatherapy liquid inlet and press the aromatherapy switch. After 10 minutes, you will have your device smelling super wonderful!

* Large Sanitizing Space - Fits most of smart phones on the market (screen less than or equals to 6.5 inches with thickness less than 22mm). You can also use it to sanitize other small objects such as MP4 players, credit cards, socks, watches, toothbrush, toys, eyeglasses, jewelry, keys, masks, etc. As long as the sanitizer box can hold.

* Portable Sterilizer - Ergonomic and compact design. Easy to take with wherever you go. Use laptop, desktop, power bank or any other USB charger to power it whether you are home, working, travelling or in cars.

* Gift Choice - Presented in a stylish box. It's a perfect gift and a must-have gadget for germaphobes and any person who cares about hygiene. Also, it's an ideal gift for your friends, families, colleagues, classmates and of course for yourself!

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