Ashtray Air Purifier
1.It has 2200 Ma polymer lithium battery and USB charging. It can serve you well whether you are at home, out or in the car. It can last for 5-9 hours.

2.2.5W motor power, low power consumption, 45dB low noise.

3.Double click the smoke to enter the lighting mode, no open fire is safer.

4.Large capacity aluminum alloy inner cavity, easy to clean, ash as a whole, so the         environment is very clean!

5. Product standard configuration:
   ashtray + purifier, charging line, 2 pieces of filter element, instructions

Product name Air Purifier Smokeless Ashtray Filter
material science
pp plastic,activated carbon,non-woven
fabric,hepa,pp,battery,electronic original
function smoke elimination,deodorization
duration of endurance 4-6h
charging voltage5V
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