Electric Heater QN02
Portable desk top Heater
1.In case of overheating or get the heater burnt ,Please do not cover the space heater with cloth or blanket.

2.To avoid scalding,please don't touch the metal grid while the space heater is working.

3.Please do not cover the air inlet,Keep it 10cm away from wall or other things may cover the air inlet.

4.Children under the age of six should be accompanied by an adult when use the space heater.

5.Tip-over protection button has been added to the bottom,so the heater should be placed on solid flat platform.

Package Details:

Product size:125*125*206 mm
Giftbox size:176*151*234 mm
Carton size:620*375*250mm(8pcs/ctn)
Container quantity:4056pcs/8288pcs/9672pcs 
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