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Self-Emptying Dustbin Robot Vacuum Cleaner                          M8 Pro

1. Breathtaking suction 2700Pa, created by a fan     spinning at 15000rpm
2. Multi-zone cleaning: Define your rooms and                  select what you want to clean
3. Multi-level mapping system: automatically                    recognize different levels of a house
4. 32-bit quad-core processors: calculate the                      most efficient cleaning route
5. More durable: 5200mAh LG lithum battery for                thourough 160㎡ vacuuming
6. V shaped rolling brush, integration of soft                      bristles and rubber
7. Auto(Zig-zag) clean, spot clean, manual                          control, apponited clean, deep cleaning
8. Silent mode for a good sleep environment
9. Support Amazon Alexa&Google Home
10. Foldable portable charging station
11. Can set restricted area 15 zones at most
12. 3-in-1 sink for simultaneous                                            sweeping & vacuuming &mopping
13. LED panel show Dustbin status、Battery                         display、Fan status
14. One-click to call back the Robot
15. One-click to empty the dustbin with powerful               dust collector
16. The dust colector used for collecting dust and              charging.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner  X3

1.    WIFI APP control, "CLEANING" is in control. 
2.    EPSON gyro navigation, and EPSON chip,brings                 smart life experiences 
3.    Anti-drop,anti-fall, with 13 sensors
4.    Imported brushless motor,strong suction,small noise 5.    4 cleaning modes,Z sweeping mode,90-95% coverage. 6.    Auto recharge when low battery
7.    2500mAh Li-battery, up to 90 mins runtime
8.    Time schedule, can clean even when you are at work 9.    220ml big water tank,efficient wet mopping
dining set
Robot Vacuum Cleaner YBS160i
Electric Fan Heater QN08
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